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Blinded: Those Who Kill - Elliot, Theis & Tractor Driver


Subject Selection Doral Academy - Narrator
Auditorium Preshow Voice Over - Narrator

Interactive Media

VALORBOUND - Vincent the Light Armor Merchant
SafeZone VR - Trailer Narrator
Frontier's Reach - Tutorial Dad
The Stairs - D-9817
Beyond the Evil - Gary Nephew
Drink of Choice - The Bartender



Delivery! - Hawks
Brothers of War - Rendor
The Dias - Guardian of the White Meadow

The Final Ashfield - Onito Longbow

Project Helix - Damion
PANIC in Ink City - Ed the Unlucky Wolf

Audio Dramas

Nexus: Gifts and Gods - Akio Inzen
Trove's Findings (Disc One) - Roorke
QUOTH of the Raven Queen - Markus

The Arkoma Chapters - O' Mally O' Calico

Hear the fun stuff!

Auditorium Preshow Voice Over

00:00 / 00:58

Nexus: Gifts and Gods - Akio Inzen

00:00 / 03:50

Trove's Findings - Roorke

00:00 / 00:44

The Stairs - D-9817

Drink of Choice - The Bartender

Frontier's Reach - Tutorial Dad

Beyond The Evil - Gary Nephew

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